Flea, Tick & Worm Treatment Services


Ticks have become a growing problem in Ontario and are active once the temperature reaches just 4 degrees Celsius.

Treatment for fleas and ticks always begin with prevention in mind. There are both oral and topical versions of protection and we recommend that you visit our clinic to discuss the numerous options available.

Fleas & Ticks

Cats and dogs should begin taking tick prevention medication as early as March, and continuing until November, depending on weather conditions.

For fleas, most tick preventatives also protect against them.


Worms and parasites can be picked up during walks or at the dog park, and some can even be transferred to humans. Therefore, it is recommended to test a fecal sample annually to ensure your pet is free from parasites and disease even if they are not currently showing symptoms.

Heartworm is spread through mosquitos, therefore prevention begins in May or June (depending on weather conditions) or whenever mosquitos begin appearing.

Parasites can also be passed onto puppies and kittens from their mothers, so it is always recommended to test a fecal sample for your newest family member when you bring them in for their check up.

Why Come To Us For Your Pet's Flea, Tick & Worm Treatments?

We'll thoroughly discuss your pet's lifestyle and risk factors thoroughly to determine which preventative medication would be best.

We only recommend the safest products available to offer maximum protection with minimal side effects and risks.

We demonstrate how to apply topical medications and administer oral medications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Flea, Tick & Worm Treatment Services

Q: When does my pet need to take preventative medication for parasites?

A: Typically, your pet should be taking these preventatives beginning in March, right through to November.

Q: Does my pet need to visit the vet for preventative medication?

A: As with all prescription medications, a current and up-to-date relationship with your pet is needed to dispense preventive medications, meaning at least an annual physical examination. An annual 4DX screen is also recommended to ensure your pet is free from heartworm disease, and other tick borne disease prior to beginning the medications.

Q: Why should my pet have annual fecal tests?

A: It is recommended that you test your dog or cat annually.

Q: How much do flea, tick & worm treatments cost?

A: The costs for these treatments vary, depending on the type of pet, its weight, lifestyle, medical history and a few other factors. Please call or visit the clinic and we'll be happy to discuss your pet's best options with you.

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