Surgery Services


Our clinic is able to perform a variety of routine and advanced surgeries on site including spays and neuters, foreign body removals, bladder stone removal, mass removals, and more.

Our surgical suite is fully equipped and during your pet’s procedure they will be closely monitored by a veterinary technician. Patient care and comfort is our highest priority. For utmost safety, we recommend pre-anesthetic blood screens and intravenous catheters placed before surgery begins.

Pain management is an important component of every procedure and we strive to ensure that every patient is comfortable and pain-free upon recovery. Post-operatively, our doctors and staff will go over any medication and home-care instructions with you and make sure all of your questions are answered. Following any surgery, we are here for you with any follow-up questions and concerns and no question is ever too small!

Why Come To Us For Your Pet's Surgical Procedure?

We assign a dedicated veterinary technician to monitor vitals before, during, and after surgery.

Our in house blood machines provide instant pre-anesthetic bloodwork results to test organ function prior to procedures.

We offer a complimentary nail trim with every procedure while under general anesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pet Surgery Services

Q: Which pet surgeries are performed at your vet clinic?

A: We perform spays (mature and immature), neuters, cryptorchid neuters, hernia repairs, dental procedures, lumpectomies, cystotomy procedures, exloratories, and many others.

Q: How long will my pet stay at your facility when having surgery?

A: Most surgeries are day procedures, meaning the patient is dropped off in the morning and discharged in the evening once they have recovered from the anesthesia under our monitoring and care.

Q: Are there any special instructions I need to follow before dropping my pet off for surgery?

A: In most cases, you will be asked to fast your pet prior to the procedure, but cases do vary so please check with the veterinarian. A staff member will always call you before the procedure to reiterate instructions.

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