Health & Wellness Program Services


Our top priority is to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy and recommend at minimum annual wellness examinations.

At this visit, a comprehensive physical examination is performed by the doctor and any health or behavioural issues will be addressed. As our pets get older, they are prone to many conditions, including but not limited to dental disease, joint pain/mobility issues, weight gain or loss, heart failure, endocrine/hormonal imbalances and organ dysfunction (such as chronic kidney disease).

Subtle changes can be detected before the onset of clinical signs at home, and prompt treatment will ensure a better long-term outcome. Laboratory testing such as blood work and urine testing can also help us create a complete health profile for your dog or cat and can be discussed at your appointment.

Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, certain vaccinations may be recommended and given during your visit to help prevent life-threatening infectious diseases. We advise that all dogs and outdoor cats be placed on heartworm and flea medication as a preventative measure from June to November every year. Call us or come in to the clinic to discuss what your pet needs.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Programs

Congratulations on your new pet! Your first visit to our clinic will include a thorough physical examination where we will ensure there are no hereditary conditions present and that your puppy or kitten is in good health. We always recommend a stool sample analysis to check for intestinal parasites, as these are very common in young animals. External parasites such as ear mites, mange and fleas are also a common condition encountered and treated during these visits. Owners often have many training and behavioural questions about their new pets, which our veterinarians are happy to address during the examination.

Puppies and kittens have an immature immune system, making them extremely susceptible to infectious viruses and bacterial organisms. In order to protect them from these potentially fatal diseases, vaccines are typically given at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, there are optional vaccinations that may be deemed appropriate by the veterinarian. We would be happy to discuss these with you at your new puppy or kitten appointment!

We recommend that your pet is spayed or neutered at approximately six months of age, which will help prevent future cancers and infections and help control the pet over-population problem.

Nutritional Counselling

Every dog and cat is unique and has specific requirements that must be addressed through their diet. Many conditions, such as kidney or liver disease, arthritis, obesity and diabetes, have certain dietary requirements that must be followed to ensure the optimal outcome.

After the complete physical examination and review of your pet’s medical history, the doctor will be able to counsel you on the different nutrition options available and guide you in making the best diet choice for your pet.

One of the most common conditions encountered in our practice is obesity in our companion animals. We know how difficult a challenge it can be to get those extra pounds off your dog or cat and we are here to help you every step of the way.

From a detailed diet plan, to an exercise regimen and organized weigh-in schedule, we are committed to help reach these weight loss goals. Obesity has been shown to shorten the lifespan of our companion animals, not to mention make them susceptible to many medical issues such as diabetes, arthritis and liver disease.

Let us help you, and be sure to ask about our success stories!

Why Come To Us For Your Pet's Overall Wellness Monitoring?

We meticulously track and update your pet's health history.

We work with you to create a plan for your pet that's realistic and affordable.

We'll find the most affordable ways for you to care for your pet's health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pet Wellness Services

Q: Do younger pets have different needs than older pets?

A: Yes, they do. Puppies and kittens are much different than they will be when they are older and require different care as they change throughout life. Older pets specifically need more care, so be sure to get in touch with the clinic if your older pet hasn't been to a vet in a while.

Q: Can you help with custom dietary plans?

A: Absolutely! We will help determine what your pet needs and than prescribe a special diet that can be easily followed and we will track his or her progress over time to ensure success. We even sell a lot of the dietary foods right here at the clinic!

Q: I have a rare and expensive breed of cat or dog. Can I bring him or her to your clinic?

A: Yes, you can definitely trust us with your unique pet. We deal with all kinds and breeds of cats and dogs and are aware of any special needs they may require.

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