Medication & Pharmacy Services


The Danforth Veterinary Clinic has a full pharmacy on-site, with a variety of medications available to treat your pet’s illness or chronic condition.

Once a diagnosis is reached, our doctors are able to immediately prescribe and dispense the appropriate medication. No need for long waits or trips to the pharmacy: your pet’s medicine will conveniently be ready for you when you leave your appointment!

Every time your dog or cat requires a prescription, their case history is thoroughly reviewed by the veterinarian to ensure the correct drug and dosage are being used. We source all of our products from reliable veterinary suppliers to ensure your pet only receives the highest quality medicine available.

In many cases, dogs and cats can be very difficult for owners to medicate orally. If this is the case, we are able to specially order compounded versions of your pet’s medications in tasty flavours and formulations, making it easier on both you and your pet when it comes time to medicate them.

We also carry a large supply of reputable veterinary supplements and nutraceutical products. These are often recommended for pets with orthopedic or dermatological issues, as well as certain organ dysfunctions. Our veterinarians will advise you on the optimal course of treatment for your dog or cat.

If your pet is on a long-term medication for their chronic condition, we kindly ask you call ahead to request a refill. Once again, our doctors must review each individual case history before the prescription is filled and this typically requires 24 to 48 hours.

Please call the clinic if you have any questions about your pet’s medication. We are always here to help!

Why Come To Us For Your Pet's Medication?

Our on-site pet medication pharmacy has the ability to dispense many common medications during the same visit.

Next day shipping is available for medications not in clinic and many can be ordered and delivered the next day. Others may take up to 5 business days, so please order accordingly.

All of our medications are clearly labelled for accuracy and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pet Medication & Pharmacy Services

Q: When should I inform the clinic when I need a refill?

A: Please allow 5 business days to refill medication.

Q: Do I need to bring my pet in for a refill?

A: Every situation varies. Please call ahead when in need of a refill, and the doctor will look at your pet’s file and determine whether an exam or bloodwork is needed prior to the refill.

Q: Can I walk in for over the counter flea medication?

A: All flea medication carried in-clinic requires a Veterinary-Patient-Client Relationship, as they are prescription products and not over the counter medications. Please call ahead if in need of any medications.

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